Teaching our Parents

Parents at Gillingham St Michael’s Primary were invited to attend a Learning workshop in February 2016.  The pupils decided what they wanted to teach their parents based on the work they had completed this half term.  The children then worked in groups to create and deliver the workshops to their parents.  Workshops included; using Excel, using Scratch, how one person can change the world, column subtraction, writing a persuasive leaflet and handwriting.  The parents worked very hard and some were even awarded a merit for good behaviour!  Thank you to everyone who was able to attend.

Building a Fairground

This half term Swan Class were lucky enough to have three sessions at Eastpoint Academy in Lowestoft using the Lego computer programming software, Lego Wedo.  In the first session the children used a set of instructions to create either a Ferris Wheel or carousel that they could then program to move.  The second session challenged the children to then create their own moving Lego creation that they added sound and instructions to.  In the final session the children had a choice of either participating in a challenge to create a dodgem that could move the furthest when rolled down a ramp, or, they could use a more advanced software to program a car to move around the track.  Back at school, the children then used this knowledge to create their own carousel powered by an electric circuit.

Norman Day

Thank you, lovely day, kind, professional and helpful staff and VERY well-behaved and well informed kids, a pleasure to teach. Ditchingham’s a lovely place isn’t it… you lucky people!

Kind regards
Dan Shadrake

Swan Class had a wonderful day when they joined the Year 5/6 class at Ditchingham for a special Norman Day that was presented by Dan Shadrake, a regular Horrible Histories actor and Norman expert. The children were immersed in the Norman era through drama and had many opportunities to look at and try on a range of artefacts. Connor made a wonderful ‘William the Conquerer’. We even got to hear the gory details of William’s funeral. Did you know that he actually exploded?? Thank you Dan for a great day!

Skipping Fund Raising

Well done to all the pupils that took part in the sponsored skipping event “The Jump Off” raising valuable funds for the British Heart Foundation! The children enjoyed practicing their skipping skills, being active and giving money towards a good cause!

Norwich Cathedral Day 16th October 2015

The children from Mallard and Swan Class attended the ‘Who is Jesus’ day at Norwich Cathedral on the 16th November.  The children were split into groups and participated in a number of workshops where they danced, sang, designed and listened to stories.  At the end of the day some of the children performed at the front of the Cathedral to the other children and we all took part in an act of Collective Worship.  The children were brilliantly behaved and were all keen to contribute to the sessions.

FA Skills Coaching Sessions with Mallards and Skylark Classes

This half term Mallard and Skylark classes have been working with Matt Potter, an FA Skills Coach, to improve their footballs skills. The children had great fun and really improved their fitness levels and skills! Well done everyone!