Gillingham CofE
Primary Academy

Collective Worship

COVID 19 Adaptations

Currently we are not able to meet as a whole school for Collective Worship. However, we are continuing to have an act of Worship every day in our own classes based on our value.

The Church are recording their act of Worship for us to watch each week.

We still managed to celebrate Harvest by each class recording something and then it was put together as a video for all classes and parents to watch. The same will happen for our Carol Service.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to have parents in for our Friday Collective Worship, but we do continue to celebrate our learning and posts are put on social media so parents can see what we have been learning in school.

Being a church school Collective Worship is an important part of our school day.

We worship together every day in the school hall. On a Friday parents and extended family are welcomed into school to help us celebrate the good work of our children.

Each half term we explore a Christian value. We learn about this value through stories and reflections where we think about how we can demonstrate the value in our everyday lives.

We have a ‘Shining Group’ that consists of children from Key Stage 2. These children plan and lead some of our Collective worship and they help within the special services we hold during the year – Harvest, Christmas and Easter.

The Church come into school once a week to lead Collective Worship.

We celebrate Harvest, Christmas and Easter with a service held in the church for the whole school community.

During a Friday Collective Worship and within the services at Church we sing our school song This Little Light of Mine which links to our vision of ‘Let your light shine’ from the biblical book of Matthew chapter 5 verse 16.