Team Spirit in the inter-school cross country tournament.

On the Friday 13th February, some children in Gold Class represented the school in the cluster cross-country tournament.  We were in awe of the children’s bravery and commitment to finishing this gruelling challenge.  Mrs Amer (a parent and spectator at the event) was kind enough to send us this message about the event…

Dear Mrs Brand
Not sure what you can do with my of course biased match report but……. I attended today’s cross country competition at Worlingham and had to write to express my pride at all of the Gilingham St Michael’s team. What a way to represent their school! Their team spirit, sheer determination and amazing sportsmanship were an absolute joy to see.  They all gave their absolute best, and weren’t even slightly daunted by the challenge, on an enormous muddy filed , with a cold wind that stole your breath, and with teams from numerous other schools.
 Watching them all come home , across the line, with every child picking up points for their team was a pleasure.  I was proud to stand with parents, teachers and pupils who had a such a collective sense of achievement. Friday the 13th was a lucky day for us!
Very very well done to all.
Lisa Amer