School Uniform


Children are expected to wear clean neat clothing selected from the list below. We think there are many advantages to having a school dress code and ask for your co-operation in this.

All clothing worn to school should be clearly marked with the child’s name to keep our lost property problem to a minimum. Children with long hair should arrange to have it tied back neatly for all lessons.

Parents can purchase school logo’d items through Tesco

Gillingham School Clothing List

Upper Body

  • Collared white shirt, blouse or polo shirt
  • Burgundy sweatshirt, cardigan or pullover. School logoed fleece.
  • Red check dress (optional in summer term).

Lower Body

  • Black or grey tailored trousers, shorts or skirt.

N.B Children should not wear denim or corduroy to school.


  • Black, grey or white socks or tights.


  • Black flat shoes, not boots, of a design suitable for school. Training shoes should not be worn except for games lessons.

When the weather is hot children should bring a hat to school and wear it for outside activities and breaks. In cold weather all children need to bring a coat, scarf and gloves to wear in the playground.

Please do not allow children to wear make-up or nail varnish to school

For outdoor P.E. they will need either plimsolls or trainers. Plain white t-shirt and plain black shorts. Children should  also bring a tracksuit or old trousers, a jumper and a spare pair of socks for winter games. P.E. kit should be kept in a named bag.