Gillingham CofE
Primary Academy


At our Academies we are very lucky to have a very talented team of staff. Your child’s learning is designed by people who are fully qualified and passionate about what they do. Every member of the team leads across the academy and because we are a small school based on a family model, we all know each other very well.

Executive Head Teacher: 
Mrs Heather Brand
Teaching Staff:
Mrs Leanne Munro - Head of School & Class Teacher - Mallards Mon-Fri
Mrs Jasmine Carroll - Class Teacher - Skylarks - Mon - Fri
Mrs Ruth Sherwood – Class Teacher - Swans - Mon - Fri
Mrs Polly Church – Class Teacher - Friday
Teaching Assistants:
Mrs Vickie White – Teaching Assistant - Skylarks
Mrs Natasha Brighton – Teaching Assistant- Skylarks
Miss Clare Flack – Teaching Assistant -Skylarks
Mrs Anna Pipe – Teaching Assistant -Mallards
Mrs Claire Warnes – Teaching Assistant -Swans
Support Staff:
Mrs Clair Lowe – Office Manager - Wed - Fri
Ms Alix Roos – School Secretary - Mon - Fri
Mrs Ruth Edmunds - Caretaker/Cleaner & Midday Supervisor - Mon - Fri 
Mrs June Ward - Caretaker/Cleaner & Midday Supervisor - Mon - Fri 
Breakfast Club Staff:
Mrs Anna Pipe Mon - Wed
Mrs Vickie White Thurs - Fri
Lunchtime Staff:
Mrs Jeanette Fodder - Mon - Fri
Mrs Ruth Edmonds - Mon - Fri
Mrs June Ward - Mon - Fri
Mrs Fiona Wilson - Mon - Fri
Mrs Emma Ginn - Mon - Fri