Gillingham CofE
Primary Academy


Through a broad and balanced curriculum Kingfisher pupils will be given opportunities to explore their own unique gifts and potential. They will have a thirst for learning and have the confidence to ask questions about the world around them. They will learn to be respectful of their environment and each other. They will understand the importance of inclusivity of all – both in their academy and as a member of a multicultural society. Kingfisher pupils will use the experiences offered to them to become confident, independent learners who will have the skills to not only to overcome challenge but also to seek it. We have written a long-term curriculum plan for each phase of learning, EYFS, Key stage 1, Key Stage 2. The plan is based on a rolling programme to accommodate our mixed aged classes, ensuring all objectives are covered. Subject leaders have reviewed the content of their subjects to ensure progression of skills, where appropriate a bought in scheme has been used. Please click through the links to explore each subject in more detail.

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Physical Education



Personal, Social And Health Education

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