The DNEAT Board of Trustees is the Admissions Authority for all its academies and is responsible for establishing and approving an admissions policy. DNEAT is committed to serving children of all abilities and backgrounds from the communities where its academies are situated.


Admissions to academies and free schools are coordinated by the local authority and the Trust and its Local Governing Bodies (LGB) must use the published admission rules to prioritise applications. For further detail use the following web links:


Norfolk –


LGBs are responsible in their academy for consultation in regards to the Admission Policy, for application decisions and to appeal against Local Authority directions to admit pupils.


When do children start school?

Children will be offered a full time place in a reception class from the September after their fourth birthday (i.e. from the start of the academic year in which they turn five). Infant schools are for 4+ to 7 year olds and primary schools are for 4+ to 11 year olds.

Parents can request that the date their child is admitted to school is deferred until later in the year or until their child reaches compulsory school age. Where entry is deferred within the school year, the authority will hold the place for that child and not offer it to another child. However, entry cannot be deferred beyond the beginning of the term after the child’s fifth birthday, nor beyond the academic year for which the original application was accepted.

Where a parent of a summer born child wishes to defer their child’s entry until the following academic year the admission authority will make decisions based on the circumstances of each case and in the best interests of the child. The admission authority will follow the process indicated by the DfE in their Summer Born Guidance issued in December 2014 and any subsequent guidance.

Applying to Kingfisher Partnership of Church Schools, Gillingham and Ditchingham

The Governors have agreed an intake limit of 8 reception children per year at Gillingham and 15 reception children per year at Ditchingham.

If there are more children who wish to enter school than there are places then the following criteria will apply:

  1. Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan (or Statement of Special Educational Need) naming the academy (NB this is a duty for all schools / academies)


  1. Children who are looked after by the Local Authority and former LAC who have been adopted or are the subject of a special guardianship order


  1. Residence within the normal catchment area of the academy


  1. Siblings, adopted or foster brothers/sisters of pupils previously admitted to the academy and living at the same address and who will still be attending the academy when the sibling, adopted or foster brother / sister will start


  1. Parents who wish their children to receive an education in a Church of England academy should support this application with a letter from a church minister, either local or outside the locality. The letter should state how frequently the child attends church which should be at least once a month.


  1. Any other applicants


In the event of the Governors having to make a choice between candidates with cases of equal strength, the shortest distance from home to school in a straight line as the crow flies should have priority.


Parents need to apply for a school place direct to the Local Authority, using an application form. The form is included in the County Council’s guidance and can be accessed from their website as detailed above.