Inspiring Young Mathematicians

We were delighted to take 2 Yr5 pupils from Gillingham and 2 Yr 5 pupils from Ditchingham to represent us in an inter school maths competition held at Langley Prep school in Norwich on 12th February.  The children had to work in pairs on 6 different challenges that each lasted 8 minutes.  The pressure was fierce but our children were, as always, totally amazing.  They worked so collaboratively on challenges that most adults would find difficult and their levels of perserverance were astounding.  We are so lucky to have such dedicated students and we hope to return next year to show again that small schools can create wonderful mathematicians.


The Mystery of Prehistory – Gold Class goes back to the Stone Age!

On Monday Gold Class went on a trip to Norwich Castle to a special event entitled ‘The Mystery of Prehistory’.  We were accompanied by the Year 4 and 5 class from Ditchingham.  During the day we visited 4 different activities.  We met a Celt who taught us to weave using natural materials, a Stone Age lady who taught us how to cook a Stone Age roast dinner and a real-life archaeologist named George who explained what an archaeologist does and allowed us to handle historic artefacts from 6000 years ago.

This week in our Literacy lessons we hope to recount this trip and so keep your eyes on this website for our work!